Venere S, a stunning profile high end loudspeakers

June 7th, 2016 analyzed the performance of Sonus faber Venere S and was very surprised. Over to the author, Hans Wetzel.

From his long and narrow music room, the author has been able to make a full review of the high end loudspeakers which were matched only in an audio HiFi system. The source was a Mac Book Pro on iTunes and Tidal. 

The general opinion does not leave any doubt: “I was blown away by the dynamics I heard from these shapely towers: they rocked, and rocked hard.”

The author, tempted by the comparison with his KEF R900s, is in the end torn between the two different kind of loudspeakers, surprised by the fact that Sonus faber Venere S is able to convey a visual beauty with a vibrant and neutral sound on all the frequencies.

To read the full review, click here.